Projects and Programs

In 2009, Mrs. Ruff established LO/HP, Inc. and became its Founder and Chief Executive Officer.  Through the efforts of Mrs. Ruff and her volunteer staff most of the current projects in Liberia have been on-going since 1996.  These projects have touched the lives of thousands, relieved suffering of untold multitudes, changed lives, provided tools for success, and otherwise significantly impacted the lives of the poor who in most instances had no one else to help them.  LO/HP currently operates the following in Liberia:

  • Orphanage / Child Welfare Homes Project – Provides grants to orphanages/child welfare homes for food, clothing, education, personal hygiene, medical assistance, furnishings, staffing, renovation, construction, clean water, sanitation projects, and other humanitarian purposes.
  • Humanitarian Project — Provides grants to destitute children, adults and senior citizens for emergency food, medical care, housing and small renovation/construction projects, and provides the needy with humanitarian aid relief items: clothing, shoes, personal care, household items, educational material, etc. free of charge through our Operation Blessing Project.
  • Educational Enrichment — Provides educational grants to impoverished children, youth and young adults for tuition assistance, uniforms and school supplies for grades K-1 through 12th; to construct, renovate and equip (includes books, satellite systems, computers, furnishings, etc.) educational facilities; and, to create alternative education programs.
  • College / Higher Learning Project — Provides grants to disadvantaged adults for college scholarships and higher learning programs, such as medical/ dental/ nursing training, computer, vocational, agricultural and other training streams with opportunities for educational travel, internships and foreign exchange positions throughout the world.  
  • The Blind and Visually Impaired Project — Provides funds for the “Seeing Hearts” Project for monthly subsidy grants to feed, house, and clothe the Blind.  Special distributions of white canes, braille watches, clothing, shoes, and household items are distributed to Blind families, free of charge, as well as, books and toys for their sighted children.
    Assistance Received

Since the formal incorporation of LO/HP, Inc., we continue to seek funding for new projects to help alleviate hunger among the Liberian poor in rural villages. One such program is described below:

  • Agricultural/ Farming/Husbandry Project — will provide seeds, plants, animals, agriculture/farming tools, vehicles and machinery for small scale farming in underdeveloped areas.  In addition, we will provide training on best practice methods to help alleviate hunger.