About Us

School Girls The vision of the Liberian Orphanage/ Humanitarian Project, Inc. (LO/HP, Inc.) is to create avenues to remove the stain of shame, restore dignity, and rediscover the wealth of treasure in humanity in Liberia, West Africa and other underserved people around the world. Our mission is:

  • "To significantly impact the lives of orphaned, abandoned, abused, neglected and underprivileged children in Liberia, West Africa and
  • To engage in humanitarian, educational, agricultural, and medical initiatives that will improve the quality of life for disadvantaged and special needs individuals in Liberia and other parts of the world."
School Children

Staffed completely by volunteers, LO/HP, Inc. creates and sponsors orphanage and humanitarian projects to respond to the desperate cry for help from the poorest of the poor in Liberia whom we serve. Our primary source of funding is from the generosity of individual donors, businesses, churches, schools, and other organizations and from partnerships with national and international humanitarian non-profit organizations. We also receive donated goods and services, including printing, technology, educational material, medicines, medical supplies, school aids, sports equipment, and critical humanitarian aid items. Over the years, our projects have relieved the level of suffering of untold multitudes; provided educational opportunities at all levels to stop generational literacy and hopelessness; fed, clothed, housed, and protected at-risk children, youth and young adults; impacted the lives of Blind individuals; and, significantly enhanced the lives of Liberians in other ways, who in most instances had no one else to help them.